Family, Surf and Welding Loops

It’s the time of year I dread the most; hot, dry and no steelhead left to chase.  I used to feel this way years ago, when the snow melted in late spring and I had to forget about powder runs and building booters.  At least there’s a beautiful ocean close to home and good waves to ride.

It’s time to record music, work, surf and spend as much time with my family and friends as possible.

Kiene's staff testing a welded loops strength!

Here’s something interesting our friends at Kiene’s Fly Shop in Sacramento have added to their shop, the first Airflo loop welding center!  Now you can slice, splice and loop any line (for a small fee) and create the perfect head or line that fits your rod and casting style.

Head down to Kiene’s and start splicing!

About twohandedriot

My name is Jeremy Quinlan and I am the producer of the upcoming Spey fishing for Wild Steelhead movie called THE GRAB! I have worked in the film and television industry since the mid-ninties and have been a dedicated fly fisherman even longer. To merge my work and my passions together I embarked on a mission to make a movie that is all wild... all California... all the time. THE GRAB! will entertain and enlighten its' audience about the life, sport and conservation of Wild Steelhead and other anadromous fish in California and the Pacific Northwest. Check it out, feel THE GRAB!
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2 Responses to Family, Surf and Welding Loops

  1. says:

    There is life after Stealhead season, enjoy.

  2. powfly says:

    Thanks for the plug, fall will be here before we know. In the mean time Shasta is going off…just sayin 😉

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