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My name is Jeremy Quinlan and I am the producer of the upcoming Spey fishing for Wild Steelhead movie called THE GRAB! I have worked in the film and television industry since the mid-ninties and have been a dedicated fly fisherman even longer. To merge my work and my passions together I embarked on a mission to make a movie that is all wild... all California... all the time. THE GRAB! will entertain and enlighten its' audience about the life, sport and conservation of Wild Steelhead and other anadromous fish in California and the Pacific Northwest. Check it out, feel THE GRAB!

Redwoods vs. Red WIne

There’s quite a bit happening on the conservation front, in the Pacific Northwest these days. Between the Red Flat Nickel Mine proposal near Pistol River Oregon, the Gene Banks being created in Washington state and recent research done on the impact … Continue reading

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The San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River is Coming Down!

  The San Clemente dam, which controls the Carmel River watershed, is coming down!  The 90 year-old, 106 foot dam was deemed, “seismically unsafe”, in 1995.  California American Water, who owns and operates the dam, is ready to resolve the … Continue reading

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The Battle Over Searsville Dam Goes Federal

It’s official.  The Ecological Rights Foundation and Our Children’s Earth Foundation have filed suit against Stanford University for allegedly violating the Endangered Species Act.  Stanford University, which acquired Searsville Dam in 1919, has operated the dam and has been drawing … Continue reading

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Winter Is Here

The Autumn months have always been my favorite season.  Chasing summer and late-summer run steelhead in the Trinity & Klamath River systems has been the pinnacle of fly fishing for me.  But, in the past couple of years, all of … Continue reading

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Oncorhynchus Mykiss And The Magnetite Within

I remember reading an article by Matt Supinski, many years ago, in which scientists theorized that the tissue in a steelhead’s nose cone, their olfactory tissue, contained the material which guides them home to their natal watersheds, to spawn. Scientists have recently expounded … Continue reading

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It’s official. The GRAB has a new unofficial beer!

Yes, it’s true, we’ve officially adopted a new beer for this Fall steelhead season.  And the chosen brew is… Russian River Brewing Company’s, Pliny The Elder!   After discovering that New Belgium Brewery was not going to rerelease last season’s … Continue reading

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The Beast In The Wilderness

He may not be a house hold name in the steelhead fishing world yet, but that’s all about to change. Joining the crew of The GRAB, on our next trip into the wilderness, is infamous cinematographer Phil Eastvold; aka Phil … Continue reading

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Making History In The Olympic Peninsula

Less than five months after the removal of the Elwha Dam, adult Chinook salmon were observed in Olympic National Park.  These are the first observed Elwha River salmon, to naturally migrate into the park, since the dam was constructed in 1913.  When the … Continue reading

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The Carmel River – Restoring a Central Coast Gem

I don’t know how I missed this news, but earlier this summer, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 4 to 1, in favor of removing the antiquated San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River.  The National Marine Fisheries Service … Continue reading

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Save Bristol Bay Alaska!

It takes less than a minute, to go to the link below and let Barack and Congress know that saving Bristol Bay, Alaska and wild Salmon populations, is of the utmost importance!

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