Trailers, Teasers & Outtakes

This page is dedicated to the teasers, trailers & funny clips we’ve put together.  Check out the page frequently, we’re adding new clips all the time!

Heading North

Our new Gopro is really coming in handy.  Check out this 90 second short we shot last week on the way up to Steelhead Country.

City Boy Lost on the North Coast

I dragged my good friend and cameraman, Ed Blair, out of the city and up to the North Coast last week to shoot the first winter segment for the movie.  The fishing was tough to say the least.  The Steelhead were just not moving to the fly, despite doing two passes through many of the best runs and fishing a variety of fly sizes and color combinations.

Ed was a fish out of water, having spent little time out of the bustling city.  Check out this video and if you run into us on the river, try not to be too hard on him.  Enjoy!

THE GRAB – Teaser Trailer 1

After several days of logging, importing, sorting and editing, the first trailer for THE GRAB is available on YouTube and Vimeo.  Please watch the trailer in HD mode (which is available at the bottom right hand corner of the viewer).  Watching it in SD just doesn’t do it justice.

Enjoy!  It is the first of many.

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