The Ecology, Life and Future of the Eel River

The Friends Of The Eel River presents the Eel River Symposium on April 14, in Fortuna.

The event will be held at the Fortuna River Lodge at 1800 S. 12th St. Fortuna, CA and will feature presentations by Mary Power PhD, Bill Dietrich PhD, Bill Trush PhD, Brian Cluer PhD and a slew of other Ph-Dites.  The keynote speaker is Brock Dolman of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

I’m looking forward to this event a lot, because it kicks off a season of hard lining ecology and conservation issues for us at Weight Forward Films.  And, what better way than to support the Eel River and all of its’ friends.

You can register at  Please make a donation and I hope to see you there.

About twohandedriot

My name is Jeremy Quinlan and I am the producer of the upcoming Spey fishing for Wild Steelhead movie called THE GRAB! I have worked in the film and television industry since the mid-ninties and have been a dedicated fly fisherman even longer. To merge my work and my passions together I embarked on a mission to make a movie that is all wild... all California... all the time. THE GRAB! will entertain and enlighten its' audience about the life, sport and conservation of Wild Steelhead and other anadromous fish in California and the Pacific Northwest. Check it out, feel THE GRAB!
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